Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The final Armour category

The final armour category to post was the Medium scale AFV's, Vehicles and Equipment category 1/48 to 1/35 Open. Unfortunately I got blasted with a stream of sunlight as I was taking these so some maybe a little dark.

Some light Trucks..

Civil Vehicles Trucks under 3 Tonne.
Myself and 2 other friends entered these models. This was our annual modelling challenge which we participate in each year. We also put on a display of the previous 9 years we have undertaken this challenge. Who ever wins each year gets the name on a trophy and bragging rights for 12 months.

We also have some more Armour here just to finish it off. this was the Post 1950 Modified AFV 1/35 and Larger.

Now some Small scale Armour

This is that really small 1/72 or smaller scale, that I wouldn't have a hope of being able to finish to level some of these guys have.


Dioramas was not as heavily populated as last year this year, but there was still some nice work there. Unfortunately my pictures don't do some of them justice....

More Armour pt 3

This time we have the Military Vehicles and Equipment Category 1/35 and Larger Modified.